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Can you see yourself flaunting your body for all the world to see over the Internet? So many guys do and for all you know, you’d make an ideal gay webcam performer. The number of gay men who choose to satisfy their voyeuristic needs by watching other men take off their clothes and display themselves over a webcam might surprise you. Are you guessing thousands? You’re too low! More like tens of thousands at any given time. We are here to invite you to be a gay webcam performer and maybe even make a lot of money doing it.

Many gay men choose to keep to themselves and lead private lives out of the spotlight and we understand and support that. But many gay men, maybe even you, enjoy that spotlight and actually enjoy being seen by others, being admired by others. If this is starting to sound interesting, you may have what it takes for this kind of gay job. Read on and we’ll give you all the details.

Gay Cams Gay Cams

Being a gay cam performer is actually quite simple and straightforward. You probably meet all the criteria:

1. You need to be attractive, in good shape and seductive.
2. You need to be between the ages of 18 and 45.
3. You need to have a valid government issued photo ID that displays your name and birthdate.
4. You must have a terrific personality!
5. You must not only be comfortable in front of a webcam but, anxious to start running a gay webcam of your own.
6. You need to be open-minded and fun loving.
7. You need to be a people person and enjoy the challenge of engaging others in extensive conversations.

No special degrees! No special training! You just need to be you... your attractive, sexy self, and let yourself in for a great deal of fun as well as a good steady income that you can potentially earn from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We don’t expect you to just jump into the gay webcam business without additional information. We have a ton of experience in this business, part of the WaveSide Entertainment Network and have dealt with young men just like you for many years. We anticipate your questions and concerns therefore, we are able to answer them and put your mind at ease from the outset. In addition, we care about our web cam models (and we hope you will become one soon!) and their welfare is our priority.

Gay Jobs Gay Jobs

So, here are a few points to consider:

  • You will do all of your performing and entertaining on your gay cam in the comfort of your own home. Choose whatever room you like best – living room, kitchen or bedroom, it’s your preference.
  • You will need some equipment but most likely you already have most of it - a good computer, laptop or MAC hard wired to a high speed Internet connection (a WiFi connection is not adequate), a webcam that provides sharp, clear images, and that’s it. Wear whatever sexy clothing you have for your gay job and peel it off as seductively as you like.
  • You will be compensated for the time you spend on your webcam when paying customers are watching you. How much you earn will be a reflection of how often you work and how good you are at attracting an audience. You will be paid on commission. Your share will discreetly be deposited in whatever account you designate to us, per available payout methods. Some gay cam guys can earn $2000 a day! You probably won’t make that at first but after you build an audience and a following, anything is possible.
  • We will do all the advertising for you. Our websites are visited by thousands of gay men every day. It will be your job to attract them to your webcam and to keep them coming back to you and no one else.

Do you have what it takes? Are you still with us?

Now, let’s talk about safety and privacy! These are always the two most important considerations when someone is considering getting into the gay cam business. The WaveSide Entertainment Network takes pride in the measures we have set up to protect our performers and to keep their private lives, well... private! Our computer technicians have arranged things so that no one will ever know anything about you that you do not personally reveal while you are performing. Customers do not have access to your real name, phone number, address or even your computer IP address. We safeguard all of that for you. We will also deal with any unruly client issues. We have the capacity to block any user from your own chatroom. We can even block entire groups of users. You can feel safe with us and we know the safer you feel the more money you can potentially earn for yourself as a gay webcam model.

So there you have the basics of what this gay job is all about. If you are an intelligent thinking gay man, you will want to read more and ruminate about this offer. On the webpages that follow, you will see our Modeling Guide which we urge you to read carefully and entirely. Everything you need to know about this position is included there, in detail. When you are satisfied that this gay webcam job is for you, surf to the Models Application and begin to fill out the data required. Filling out the application is the final stage of the process. Send it to us for review and to consider your qualifications. Keep in mind that many young men are interested in becoming gay cam performers so do the very best you can on the application. If we like your application, and if we like you, you will soon be on the road to potentially making a lot more money than you could at a 9 – 5 job.

Don’t hesitate, get started today!

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