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If you are a gay webcam model applicant this could be your last stop before embarking on your new career. There are just a few steps left and then you will have completed the application process.

It’s important to us that you are taking this last step, fully aware of what you are getting into so, this is a good time to check in with you on some important considerations. We sincerely hope that you have read all the web pages prior to this one and that you understand everything written on them. Those pages contain valuable and important information – information that will be vital to you every day that you do this job as a webcam model.

Do you fulfill all of the personal requirements we mentioned in those pages? You cannot complete the Gay Webcam Application unless you do. Are you aware of the safety risks and all we do to eradicate every last one of them? If you are aware of what we do, you should feel much safer now than when you first looked here. How about equipment? Do you have everything we require for you to do your new job well? We want this to be a very positive experience for you and that’s why we are checking on these things now. If you have come to our website and immediately visited this page first, you are doing yourself a disservice and your application will probably be flagged and stalled. You do not want to be in the “rejected” pile, even temporarily.

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Completing the Webcam Model Application and submitting it to us is very much like meeting someone for the first time. Reading your application will be the first time we meet you, the first time we even know you exist and are looking to work for us. Do your very best to make an excellent first impression. As they say, you only get one chance to make a good first impression and completing this application is yours. Don’t mess it up. Our application has been reduced to the bare minimum number of questions. Every one of them is important to us at the WaveSide Entertainment Network. If we are asking you the question, the answer is important to us.

All webcam model applicants must complete the entire application – no exceptions, no excuses. If you leave something out or only partially answer a question you are making a very poor first impression and you are running the risk of having your application rejected. Once your application is rejected for missing information it will be placed on hold and other candidates with complete gay webcam applications will pass you by. When the grumpy application readers get around to looking at the reject pile they will send you an email advising you that your application was rejected and then they will wait for your response. This results in a lot of wasted time for you and even more wasted time for us. It may be weeks before we actually get back to your application. Don’t be a reject; don’t make a lousy first impression. Start off on the road to success and never turn back or take a detour. This is your chance to get it right the first time.

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The Gay Webcam Application asks that you submit minimal personal information to us. Remember our commitment to you regarding personal information. Anything and everything you tell is will remain confidential and will never be revealed to anyone except court or legal authorities and then only with the proper paper work and orders. Your information is safe with us. Nevertheless, we need you to complete all of this information fully and correctly for your application to be moved on. Some of the fields on the application require you to write a sentence or two about your likes and dislikes, your preferences, and your skills. We do not worry too much any more about sloppy applications since this one is done online and it’s typed. We do worry about careless wording and spelling. You do not have to be a scholar to answer these questions but we do need you to be clear, and to express yourself plainly. Doing so on the application means to us that you can communicate clearly and plainly when you are on camera.

The adult entertainment industry is highly regulated and we are all responsible for maintaining certain standards. Our websites are no different. We as a company follow all of these rules and all of these directives to the letter and we expect all of our gay webcam applicants to do the same. Any less would put you and us at risk. If you cannot work you cannot earn money; if you do not earn money your position with us is useless.

All gay webcam model applicants are required to submit incontrovertible proof of age in the form of a photo ID issued by a government agency, usually a drivers license or a valid passport. We also ask for a good head shot that can be used for identification purposes that matches the picture of you on your ID. Finally we ask for a picture of you holding your picture ID next to your face as a final means of connecting you to your photo and your age. This might feel like overdoing it to you but we never, ever want to employ someone who is not at least 18 years of age.

This seems like a lot of work but if you are serious about becoming a gay webcam model you will take the time to do all of this well. The alternative is you working for minimum wage at some dead end job.

If we haven’t scared you away and you are still here raring to go, we are proud of you. Don’t be turned off by our attention to detail. We do all of this in your best interest and someday you will thank us for it. We will do the right thing by you; start off as a gay webcam model by doing the right thing by us – fill out the Gay Webcam Application correctly and completely.

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