Although some of this information is a repeat of what you read on our Homepage, please go over it again because the devil is in the details! All of the information in the Gay Modeling Guide is of the utmost importance. If you want to be successful at gay modeling you need to know this guide inside and out.

You will need the proper equipment to run a gay modeling webcam. That consists of:

  • a PC, laptop or Mac
  • a HD webcam with a working microphone
  • high speed Internet connection of at least 0.6 Mbps or higher – this level of speed is needed for the best possible video streaming
  • your Internet connection must be hard-wired and not a WiFi connection

The personal qualifications that you must have as a gay cam model are exactly the same as those we mentioned on the Homepage:

- You must be attractive and seductive.
- You must be between the ages of 18 and 45.
- You must have a valid government issued photo ID that displays your name and birth date.
- You must be comfortable in front of a webcam and, willing to show your body as well as your face on your webcam.
- You must be open-minded and fun loving.
- You must be able to engage others in extensive conversations and you must enjoy speaking to people.

Gay Modeling Guide

As we have said before, security issues are paramount at WaveSide Entertainment Network. Your safety and comfort are as important to us as they are to you. We want to make that clear in this gay webcam guide and we don’t want you to forget it. We guarantee the following:

  • we will never release any of your personal information (the only exception to this rule is if we must release information under a court order and in legal, official circumstances)
  • clients will have NO access to your location – address, city of residence, phone number and IP address of your computer
  • we will deal quickly and sternly with any potential security risks that jeopardize your safety or your identity
  • we will prosecute any wrong doers to the full extent of the law

We vow to make this an integral part of our commitment to you as a gay webcam model.

Responding to our call for gay models wanted entitles you to more information about our pay structure and procedures. We are proud that our rates are the best in the business and are proud that many of our gay models work hard to earn hefty dividends. Clients who elect to view you in private via your webcam are charged anywhere from, $1..99 per minute to $3.99 or more per minute depending on what type of service they are choosing – exclusive sessions or private sessions. Your cut is 25% of what each and every client spends from the very first minute. So in a private chat session you can earn approximately $1 per minute – that’s $60 per hour! Private sessions pay per minute will be multiplied by the number of clients inside a premium paid chat session (approximately $1 per minute for one client, approximately $10 per minute for ten clients). The possibilities are endless and even our beginning gay webcam performers can easily earn $1000 per week, depending on the number of hours per week they stream live as well as the number of paid sessions they have. Work harder, work longer and you’ll potentially earn more. Put together a following of loyal gay men and you can potentially earn oodles of cash!

Gay Models Wanted

WaveSide Entertainment Network pays all our webcam models once per week. We do not believe that anyone should have to wait longer than a week to be paid for their efforts. We pay you whatever you earn per minimum payout guidelines and we do not deduct any taxes. Essentially you will be your own private contractor and you will be responsible, as a private business consultant, for reporting and paying your own taxes. At the end of the year we will send U.S. based gay webcam models a 1099 form reflecting all of your annual earnings. Do not try to cut Uncle Sam out! Not paying taxes will quickly spoil a very legitimate, very good deal for you.

We do not have many rules but we do have a few and we expect you to abide by them.

    • Below the waist nudity is only allowed in private, paid chats. This is what most paying clients come to our websites for and that is what they are willing to pay for. Do not give it away for free.
    • We will protect all of your private information but you need to protect it as well. Do not respond online to customer queries about any of this information. You will seriously jeopardize your safety and that of all your co-workers
    • You must appear on your webcam alone unless you have contracted with us for couple or group presentations. It’s up to you to police this issue in your own home. Gay clients pay to see you; no one else.
    • Maintain your cool and always put a sunny personality forward. Clients do not appreciate rudeness and neither do we. If someone harasses you, contact us and we will deal with it swiftly and soundly.
    • Do not say negative things about any other WaveSide employee, including other webcam models.
    • Finally, everything we ask you to do on your webcam is legal. Do not stray from that path. Any illegal activities will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

By now most of your questions should be answered and your concerns addressed. If you do have others you can still ask them after you become a gay webcam performer. We are grateful that you are responding to our gay models wanted ads and that you have gotten this far through our gay webcam guide. Your success depends on a few things but it is mostly in your hands. How badly do you want this? How committed are you to making more money at one job than you have ever made before? Think of the satisfaction you will get from having a loyal following and meeting all of their viewing needs day after day! All you need to do is visit the Gay Model Application page to begin filling out the forms and gathering the documents needed to submit a complete application. Good luck!


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